Get an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro for just $900

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Great ad copy, Cupertino!

I used to say “this is stupid, don’t buy this”

Now I say



“Just $900”

Last time I had $900 lying around was . . . never.


Or get a Moto One for about $200. And spend the rest on something your neighbor needs.


Exactly. I’ve saved probably $2k over the past couple years by switching to a cheap Moto when I needed a new phone (old iPhone became possessed, was truly odd) and switched from AT&T to google fi service.
Other than a slightly clunkier user interface, I’ve experienced no negative repercussions.

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“just” and “only” need to be banned words when describing the price of a thing you do not need.

Comes pre-loaded with flappy-bird and Parler

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If not a Moto One, a OnePlus will give you super-premium specs at roughly half the price of a new Samsung or Apple offering.

Blu G80. It has fairly good specs, it has a surprisingly good screen and camera, it runs a full, unadulterated version of Android 9.0…

And AT&T hasn’t laid one finger on it. Completely unlocked, no mandated apps installed by the phone company. Use it on any carrier that will support it.

Oh, and it’s $130, brand new. Comes with case and several screen protectors.

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