Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) - unlocked Android phone for $140

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I just got a Moto E at V…n for less than $70 on the pay as you go plan. No contract and the salesman said I could use the phone elsewhere. I don’t know if that means it’s unlocked or how much memory it has, cause I’m kind of stupid with these phones. Except I did get a sd card so I’m not an idiot.

This is very tempting. Right now I’m using a OnePlus One and I hate it. I’ve only had the phone a few months though and generally I only update once a year.

I also have a OnePlus One and it took an ungodly amount of jumping through fiery hoops to get them to RMA it for its screen digitizer issues. It seems most every OnePlus phone has this problem but the company acts like they’re not aware of it. I’ll bet my replacement unit has the same problem too. As the RMA phone is only sent after receiving the defective unit, this means that any OnePlus customer must wait a month without a phone. This was the final straw for me & I went to the dark side: I got an iPhone - after 8 years of mocking iPhone users. Not that the iPhone is perfect mind you: getting my music into its walled garden of iTunes BS was a bit nightmarish … but it’s nice to have world class hardware rather than a fly-by-night Chinese start up in my hands.

I’m in the market for a phone like this, need to dump my Apple phone and pricey Sprint post-paid for a more affordable pre-paid phone.

  1. So can anyone tell me the best prepaid plan for this phone? Talk and text are more important than data to me, though I would like to have 1g at least of any speed data. Would appreciate any shared experiences.
    Edit: of course by ‘best’ I mean adequate and most importantly cheapest.

  2. And is this the same phone?

Sorry for derp, mobile tech shopping makes me glaze over and go thousand-yard stare.

I’ve been thinking about getting a one plus one, what’s so bad about it? Or rather, whats worse about it than a Samsung?

It might make sense to check out a network reseller if you already have a phone. I need mobile service but am around wifi and a landline 95% of the time, for example, so Ting’s pay-per-service pricing structure ( was a good match and my experience has been great:

  • Monthly bill went from $67 on Verizon to $17.
  • In my area coverage on CDMA (Sprint’s network) was pretty bad, so I switched to their GSM offering (T-Mobile’s network) and coverage has been excellent.
  • To get GSM data working I did have to call support, but a highly competent tech answered and we got my phone configured in about 10 minutes.
  • No contract!

Ting isn’t for everyone: you can’t walk into a store for help, and the pricing is much less appealing at higher usage levels. With older and used phones it can sometimes be tricky to verify that Ting can activate them. If you do try them, be sure to use a $25 credit referral code when signing up.

Not affiliated, just a very satisfied customer!

One thing I found out is that with Verizon anyway, deals change hourly. Deals go away and then return, prices go up and then down. It’s a confusing for sure.

It crashes and reboots fairly frequently. When somebody calls me there’s about a 50-50 chance that it will ring or go straight to voicemail. The camera is terrible. The digitizer is notoriously bad. Lots of screens have a yellow tint (mine has that but it doesn’t bother me that much).

On the good side, the battery is great.

I’m running CyanogenMod but am thinking about dumping that and going with Oxygen to see if that fixes anything.

I’m a sucker for cheap phones, but really I think I’m going to upgrade to one with a good camera. That means either an Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, or the LG G4.

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Bet it can’t hold a candle to mine

The THL 5000 can be had for just over a couple of hundred bucks. There’s also a cheaper version with 1GB instead of 2, 1.4GHz instead of 2, and 720p instead of 1080p, with the same 5 amp-hour battery.

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Yeah, I got my daughter one of these. Fucking amazing thing for the price.

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It’s so damn sweet, not ever having to give a fuck how much charge any particular function uses ever again…

I can just leave the GPS on, don’t care. Accidentally left the torch on for half an hour? Meh. Screen timeout? Who gives a fuck. Disabled it.

There’s no way I could flatten it in a single day, and I’d have to totally flog it to kill it in two. In fact, the way it works out is that I tend to keep the charge between 30 and 70%, which is nice for the li-po cell.

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