Get app notifications, track your phone's location and more with The Martian Smartwatch

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Can you find out where you left your watch by using your phone?


Its whereever you duct taped it to.

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Second time in a row I read “The Martian Sandwich”…

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YOU’RE a martian sandwich!

No, WE’RE a Martian Sandwich.

And you’re the meat!



I grabbed one of these off of Amazon a few weeks ago and like it a lot. I didn’t want to spend $200-$500 on a new watch or want one with a billion features. Just something that lets me check the time and read text messages without pulling my phone out of my pocket all the time. I think it looks pretty nice too (I got the white one).

You can have your phone play a tone if you lose it through the watch (even if it’s muted) and you can set it to “leash” so if you walk away from your phone it will buzz you.

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The ad in the Boing Boing store says:

"Compatible devices:

iPad Air, Mini, 3rd Gen
iPhone 4S or newer (includes both regular & Plus models)
Android tablets w/ 3.0 or later"

Is that right? Doesn’t work with Android phones? Or did they just forget to say that it does?

(Anyway, I can’t get one as I’m in the UK. Unless anyone wants to send it on for me…)

A true Martian smartwatch would run in Sols


Meh … I’ll take a regular mechanical automatic watch over a cheap knock-off smart watch that won’t do either job right, telling time and “being smart”. Better one gadget that does it’s one job as it should than two things - but half-assed.

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