This Alexa-enabled smartwatch is cheaper than an Apple Watch

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“and get more done with a number of voice commands thanks to its Amazon Alexa”
That’s awesome! Please tell me the command that allows me to get more done.

The Martian watches are, at best, quasi-smart “hybrid” watches. There are no apps for them. At best, they are a better interface for a bluetooth microphone, notifier display, and external buttons. For many people, that’d be enough. But then, I still have my MetaWatch Strata somewhere…

And Amazon Promises, promises, and pinky swears that it will not record all your conversations and send them to random people on your email list.
But the TOS requires you to agree that they can if they want to. For “marketing purposes”.

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They can offer at that price because it is a loss leader. They want people in the Amazon ecosystem like their music streaming and making it easier to buy things on Amazon through the watch’s app.

Um… “Work faster!” ?

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ill keep my pebble time until it dies

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