"Get Lucky" but with the beats reversed

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Better than the original!

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Yes, those captions really are gold. They add an enormous amount to what is already quite an amusing surreal experience.


The guy who did this, well his videos seem to have changed over the years but he recently made this very significant announcement on his YouTube channel.


I did this with some of my tunes to get new ideas in the late 80s, although I only reversed MIDI notes and not voice or recorded audio (all tracks were instrumental though) because devices with similar slicing capabilities either didn’t exist or were extremely expensive back then.

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Beware viewers, you’ll be RockRilled!


You could have covered that with a spoiler blur!

Not too late to go and edit it to put one in. :wink:


Bars, not beats.

I expected to hear that the percussion track had been isolated and manipulated, leaving the harmonic components untouched, which would have been a neat if no longer impossible feat of DSP…

I wasn’t sure what I thought I would hear, but I didn’t notice anything wrong at first. It’s probably because I don’t listen to much Daft Punk.

I think I was expecting something like the challenges that Ophidian did a couple of years ago, taking sounds and turning them into something different.

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Good advice, thanks.

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Just to give you “The Roller” a sense of satisfaction I “The Rolled” was in 30sec before I got it :hot_face:


This would be awesome with an edit to match the delightfully weird Peter Serafinowicz version of the music video for this track.


Great. This makes it even harder for white people to figure out what beat to clap on.

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