Weapon of Choice, but with the second and fourth beats of each bar swapped

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Not sure what the purpose of this swap is. The video affect was kind of interesting as a music video effect but the swapped out beats of the song was totally annoying.

ETA: I think the edited video with the non edited song would have been more effective.


Is this supposed to give me a headache? because now I have a headache.


To my untrained and woefully uninformed ear, the original version is much preferable.

But, that may be because the original version is indelibly etched into my brain, the new remix just sounds wrong.

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works pretty well as a remix to my ears. It reimagines the song but it is still recognizable as the song.
[original still better imho]


I rather like it, though there are parts that break down pretty badly (like the “walk without rhythm” part and some outro bits)

Now I just feel like I’m having a stroke.


#unpopularopinion (?)

Fatboy Slim is annoying.

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Yah. Kept thinking, “My brain is doing something weird. Is this what a seizure feels like?”

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I always thought the video is pretty cool, but the music totally sucks. Fatboy Slim is even more annoying than the Housemartins.

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Glad it wasn’t just me. I hope my brain never does that again unprompted.

I like it. Ripping it to mp3 so I can throw it in my driving mix and let if mess with the heads of random strangers as I drive by.

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Thanks, I hate it.

Very vaguely related, but:

I always loved the bit of this EBTG song that starts at 2:45

It’s a title drop, but with every second syllable chopped (which gives two alternating versions, depending on whether the cut syllables begin at one or two). I think that’s what it is, anyway.

It’s a neat gimmick.


Mentally filing under dream logic, precognition.

I’m not familiar with the original. I found it an interesting song.

I was rather thinking the opposite, not that I liked this much, either way, but I found the chopped-up video more annoying than the chopped-up music.

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I will respectfully step off your lawn :grin:

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Also very vaguely related: