Fatboy Slim mashes up Greta Thunberg's UN speech

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excellent. that’s so perfect.


Yup: gave me goose flesh!


A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.


Wait, where’s the rest of the song?? Tease!

  1. Fatboy Slim hands down one of the best mix artists out there. The best, IMO.

  2. The original song has one of the best lead up sequences ever made. And the sound bite from Angela Basset in Strange Days - perfect.

  1. This remix is fucking amazing. Want the whole set.

  2. Stumbled on to this set one day - it is the best late 90s set I’ve ever heard. If that is your type of jam, check it out and use an online app to download the audio.


This brought tears to my eyes. It feels like a bridge, a baton handoff, between 2 generations. From Gen X to Gen Z. Remix as protest!

This should be turned into a proper single and profits given to wherever Greta wants. I’d buy it at a premium, for sure.


Performance rights get interesting when playing music with multiple creators.
I know someone gets to claim some coin from the song copyright/royalty collection societies for the public performance, but who?

At least they kept the drop in.
If I had to explain to someone the concept of “the drop” in dance music, that would be the track I’d choose.

I’m sure Fatboy Slim has got this part down, or at least his lawyers do.

Just because it needs to be said, the original video and song is loads of fun.

EDIT: Can’t believe this song is 20 years old now.

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