Eric B. and Rakim's "Paid in Full" is still just fantastic


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Yup. Completely fantastic.


Should mention that this is the Coldcut remix from the single, but it is considered the canonical version. A lot of what makes this video so awesome is depictions that correspond with his cuts and samples. Also, I read somewhere that EB&R hated this remix, for some reason.


I listen to the longer version but watch this video. Song stands alone wonderfully but the video adds a lot.


I don’t remember doing this, but late 80s were a blur.


Give Rakim our best. I’d love tickets to the tour.


The Ofra Haza sample over the lifted bassline is one of my all time favorite moments in hip hop, something that pointed the way to what DJ Shadow would later do. It was positively psychedelic when I first heard it.


never mind that ‘Pump Up The Volume’ by M|A|R|R|S wouldna happened without it.

PUtV played at 33⅓ is just about the best trip hop song every created.


damn it… the tour is already over!
i woulda gone to houston in a heartbeat!


As mentioned above, Coldcut did this remix and it is awesome.

Coldcut turned me on to a whole new world of Awesome music with the song below.


Since it was World Goth Day…

…and to bring it back to hip-hop, I’ve been listening to a lot of these folks lately:


Must have been paid several times over by now, right? Unless there were hidden fees, they always get you with the hidden fees.


How I wish Eric B was president right now…


There’s seems to be no consensus on whether EB&R hated this remix. Brewster & Broughton claimed they disliked it, but in an article from the Chicago Tribune (96 or 99), one of the Coldcut DJs claimed Eric hated it, but that Rakim thought it was the best remix ever. For me, it’s more interesting than the album track, but without Eric B’s original mix, there’d be no remix. :slight_smile: Great track!!


You’d think that, wouldn’t you. . . .


Glasgow (n.)
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