Check out where some of the most iconic electronic songs got their sample from

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Great site, its run by a friend of a friend here in UK.


That is so weird that Justice is featured in the thumbnail. I heard my first song by them just the other day, Stress, and I liked it, but loved that imagery with the logo. Might look into them further.

And yes, whosampled is awesome. I love love LOVE finding out about obscure samples in the wild. Meaning I am just minding my own business, watching/listening to something and go, “That was sampled in such and such song!” Sometimes I am not 100% sure which song, and have to dig through my catalog/brain to find it.

Most recently I finally watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. There was a scene with a woman vocal going “ba ba ba”, and like that scene in Ratatouille my brain rushed to the song that samples it. It took a minute to confirm, but it was Wiseguys Production off The Antidote album (whole album is solid).

Sample at ~1:30

And you can find the sample at ~.52


A few years ago, someone compiled a list of as many Daft Punk samples as they could find, so I turned it into a Spotify playlist (sorry, forgot where the article was). Enjoy!


I’m pretty sure Prodigy’s Climbatize came out before either RL Grime or Trick Daddy.

Here’s a better example:

The hook is from:

Of course you can’t forget possibly the most used sample ever:

I thought the most sampled was the Amen break.

But all those funky breaks are the foundation of hip hop and house.


I did say possibly. Perhaps if humans ever send another “golden” record into space we should include these. With all the TV and radio we beam out into the void you’d think aliens would have heard these by now.

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