Run-DMC's 'It's Like That'

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Nevins remix:


one of my favorite music videos, the battle is so great, I showed it to my roommate and then we totally injured ourselves trying to breakdance battle. they shot it in my architecture school in downtown la, sci-arc before the school moved in, this awesome freight depot


I think the original version would have driven the point home (instead of the bboy remix)


I’m sure many have seen this back when it was made, but anyone who missed it, here’s another dance battle to It’s Like That:


Man Harshed My High.

It’s like that, and that’s the way it is. . .

Ahhh, but don’t you believe that.

Seems like it was a theme in the 80’s.

Surely a mashup of these two must exist somewhere.

There’s something especially unsettling about the coopting of a song by black artists about social & justice inequality by a white dude wanting to add his, uh… flavor.

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I’m hardcore techno and gabber til I die, but fuck if that isn’t one of the greatest kickdrum sounds ever.


I saw the Red Army dance team some time in the early eighties doing some amazing Cossack dancing shit in the Theatre Royal in Sunderland.

That mix slams in a club!


If it was like a club back in my clubbing days. Boston MA, The Loft. A dance venue. You needed a membership avaliable at the door. The Loft was not a Bar but you could get punch.

Dance until dawn next to police headquarters.

Good times.

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