Footage of "illegal rave" from 1989


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No whistles? No glow sticks?? I am going with “fake”


I’d say this was still pretty early for that scene, before it adopted all the stereotypical “rave” gear we think of today.


ah, yes, totally overlooked the 1989 part… good point…


Wait, this is shocking and horrifying? From the nation that, only ten years earlier, gave us the Sex Pistols?


I tracked down one of the dudes in that video, he’s still “raving” hard.


Here is a good video that shows this history of House Music.

I still really like early 90s UK Techno a lot. Especially stuff with lots of sound bites.


That looks like video, shot at something like 480, but given the way it moves and zooms, I’d guess a hardcore ENG rig filming it, and thus maybe was B-Roll for a news piece? If that was the case, it’d have been recorded to S-VHS or 3/4" tape, and either would leave you with a better image than some runty consumer camera of the period.


There aren’t enough baggy bleached jeans and blokes with curtain hairstyles left in the world for this to be faked


Fun fact…

In 1994 we were taking the party to Manchester New Hampshire - and had worked out a situation where we would rent a club after it closed - that is they wheeled all the booze into a locked room and we could take over and use the sound system.

This worked a few times and then we suddenly had the cops show up one night and put everything on hold - what we were doing wasn’t illegal but after they spent some time finding a way to shut us down they used an old blue law that made it illegal to dance after 1:00 AM. Yes - this was the police - threatening a parking lot full of people - with arrest for dancing. A real footloose moment. (The real issue they had was they were afraid we’d get into the booze honestly).

Someone at the party owned - or had access to - a dance studio - which is where the party moved until everyone passed out… Fun times :slight_smile:


Hearing Frankie Knuckles brings back memories. I was a bartender at a club in Cleveland in the late 80s and he was a regular guest dj there. Nice guy. Laid back and he drank Grand Marnier on the rocks. Funny how I remember what notable people drank. Other celebrity libations I remember are Ranking Roger (rum & coke), Eric Burden (water), Otis Day (Hennessy straight up).


The hilarious thing is that the majority of the attendees in that video are now in their 40s or 50s and probably the kind of people who now scream about “disrespectful youth” and other rants in that category.


Man I miss partying in NH! New England Works and Joelectronic really represented in those days. We used to throw some fun parties at Dartmouth as well. The good ol’ days, although admittedly, I do still go out and dance to techno! It’s always been my form of worship.


It was a great scene until the one-upsmen showed up and took over. All were welcome, but not everyone showed up. Now it’s just sketchy.


Like this guy?


To be fair, I’ve screamed about disrespectful youth since approximately my first rave. Ecstasy can really take it out of your straight friends. Whose joy do you really think you’re channeling in those hours, because it ain’t all your own.


like @nothingfuture says, that’s video shot at broadcast quality. but another boon to its quality is how well-lit the place is. at first I thought the venue was lit to serve the camera, but there’s daylight streaming in all those huge windows. I’ve never seen a dancefloor react favorably to anything but darkness before. the only reason I can think of why the party people are so loose in the bright light is that it’s the next morning? It looks like full-on afternoon, though.


I miss the people - it was quite possibly the most loving group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Growing up really sucks.


Yeah, the lighting is weird- it does seem like afternoon, and the dancers look a little too… fresh… for that, right?
Maybe a multi-day festival of some sort?


Don’t forget how far north Britain is. If it was during the summer then it could be fairly early. I went to (legal) raves that started at 7PM in Scotland and it was bright sunshine outside until past 10PM.