Videocam footage of wild 1980s teen house party ending with the police showing up, as they do


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Bill And Ted’s Not So Excellent Trip To A Police Holding Cell


Weird that the cop wasn’t yelling “Stop Recording!”


In 1980 something, why rent a video camera when you could go to Circuit City buy a really, really nice one and then return it on Monday morning? (Art School 101)


Had a neighbor in the mid-2000’s who would routinely do this. He’d buy Dyson vacuum cleaners and return it after using it, or he’d buy a nice drill set to build a shelf and then return it, etc, etc. Honestly i could never do something like that


That bit at the end looked just like footage from The Blair Witch Project.


I object to the descriptor of “wild” clearly fake news.


I’m sure that many of us of a certain age saw that headline and braced ourselves to see one of our own HS parties immortalised on murky videotape.


Other than it being a Wednesday, I confess to doing this exact thing once.


Those were the days. Stroh’s beer, 2-liter bottles of Sun Country wine coolers, ripped jeans, goofy hair styles that seemed normal at the time.


Come to Austin, not too far off from what you’re describing. There’s just more facial hair now.


“The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads…”, represent!


Holy shit…that looks exactly like my 18th birthday party!! 1989 was a great year!

Friend’s parents were out of town so we invited the whole school to party. Had close to 200 people show up. We served “mixed drinks” for $2/cup which was nothing more than watered down vodka. Good times until the cops showed up and the neighbor ratted us out to my friend’s mom. She made us take all the money we made and buy food for a homeless shelter.

Damn those are good memories!!

I even had a mullet (not proud of this fact).

Don’t forget the Boone’s Strawberry Hill, MD 20/20, and Zima!! Kids these days have no idea.


@2:52 - is that Jack Black?


/r/blunderyears - the later years.


Corporations won’t hesitate to enforce a contract when it’s not in your favor. It’s silly to paint holding a multinational with teams of lawyers to the contract it designed, wrote, and put out into the world as a negative behavior.


I bought a reciprocating saw from Lowe’s, brought it home, opened it up and dumped about a half-cup’s worth of someone else’s sawdust from the case. Needless to say, I used it on my own project and returned it right after, complaining all the while.


Reminds me of something I’d see on the Internet K-Hole (previously featured on BB… NSFW sometimes):


Every single person I know who drank Zima eventually puked their brains out on it and gave it up forever. Self included. This explains the two Summer existence of said product.