Heavy Ecstasy Parking Lot: Ravers the day after a massive rave in 1993


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Wow, they complimented the job security did. In all my years of raving I’ve never once heard a good thing said about venue security.


Those two perma-dancers remind me of Tyres from Spaced.


A phone can’t ring in my house (with a “normal ringing sound at least”) without either my wife or I busting out our best Tyres impression.



old interview clips like this always make me wonder what eventually happened to the people in them. did this young person eventually get over rave music and now looks back on it fondly, or does she regret it? or any one of a zillion other possible outcomes in a life. i guess what i’m saying is, come on, internet – let’s find out what happened, here!


I was born in the wrong decade.


It was fucking brilliant. I still like techno for driving music, but I can’t go dancing all night and necking loads of weird drugs. Fuuuck, no. But it was fun.
(ETA: I am not car park girl, but I did those things then)


Well I lasted 1:33 into that.


oh, i have TONS of techno. i haven’t tired of it, either.


Rave dancing is the most crap dancing.


Maybe they’re not dancing for your pleasure. Maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with your judgemental ass.


Probably her teenage kid is dying of embarrassment right now.


Squares gotta square.

I also love how a bunch of hungover people band together when their second-hand vehicles get stuck in the mud. That’s altruism.


MDMA shouldn’t be called ecstasy. It should be called “Hey man, I love you because you’re another person.”


Admittedly I’ve not tried it, but from the outside it should be called 'I’m going to be a selfish moody spaced out jackwad for a few days". Your friends at the time’s mileage may have varied.


The comedown is dose-dependent and different people will cope with it differently. Being high on MDMA is a biologically extreme condition, and it can cause quite a lot of burnout.


Rave dancing is not noticeably different than any other kind of “let’s get a buncha people and some bouncy music together” dancing.


what eventually happened to us? well, since you ask…i’m a raver from 1987. the thrill and excitement of those nights still burns bright and animates my soul. i still dance, dj and throw illegal, non-profit warehouse parties. there is nothing to regret in the least. to dance, smile and feel at one with hundreds of others is the most spiritually fulfilling thing that a human can do. it not only connects me to others on the dance floor, it binds me to all that ever have known the joy of dance, stretching back to the first humans, before we even had language. to all my fellow ravers that i’ve shared a dance floor with, thank you… can u feel it!


Gotta say, that’s an excellent description! Keep it PLUR man.


I very briefly spent some time with a cand-E raver.

Fucking exhausting. And isn’t one of the benefits of hard drugs that it makes you more interesting? Well she and all her e-tard friends were tedious and dull.