Music: "C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train)," Quad City DJs (1996)


Needs more cowbell. Also, their starship is not phallic enough.

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Instant fail for a song called “Ride the Train” that isn’t on a train. WTF? It’s not “Come On Ride the Penis-shaped Spaceship”!


a) Ugh, I hate teh quality of all pre-youtube music videos. What a quality jump to the new stuff.
b) I never went to a wedding where people were doing this in a giant square like this wedding. It was just usually done as a conga line

At least it isn’t interlaced, or some half assed inversed telecined thing. Realistically you could get a decent quality version of a video from the 90’s if it was broadcast on a digital signal (the master at the studio should have been some type of digital, but probably still 4x3 aspect.) Of course we are talking music videos here and I don’t even know who still plays those of TV anymore.


What’s next Tag Team’s Whoomp There It Is?

(Look HD, except it’s 4x3 stretched to 16x9 or something…oh well).

No wait maybe 95 South’s Whoot There It Is

It’s like the chicken and the egg…

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The train is a metaphor, the spaceship is not. Plus, this was the 90s.

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Hell, it could have been shot on film. Would be better than a Digibeta.

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KLF inspired song?

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Hi, Jason. I’m a longtime boingboing reader. I’d like to request 69 Boyz, “Tootsee Roll”

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