When music videos were bafflingly absurd


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Barry Manilow sings a medley of his commercial jingles

Low budgets are blessing, not a curse.

Constraints breed creativity.

One of my favorites: Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue


With each passing day, I’m more and more convinced that the 80s were indeed the height of our civilization!


OH fuck yeah - the FAT BOYS!!!

Who else saw the Disorderlies??



Though I don’t remember much about it, and I have not seen it in years, so let’s not get into major plot points or anything…


Ditto - but I remember at the time finding it hilarious. Probably the right age for that.


Coconuts instead of horses in Monty Python’s Holy Grail were a result of a low budget. It couldn’t have turned out better.



I can’t imagine any visuals that would better complement that song.


1980s Manhattan was a good place to get dead. If not from a murderer, a garbage strike.


But much more interesting.


Yeah. If you read the grim dark Miller run of Daredevil today, you would be like, “What? NYC in that area is really nice!”

Same with old Shadow stories. Most take place in the NYC and it paints a much different world than today.


You must be my age. Whenever the observer was a teen, that was the Golden Age.


Are there superheroes who fight gentrification?

Would they punch some artisinal hand crafted eco-sourced gluten free candle shop proprietor in the face?


I’m a bit younger, I guess, because I was a pre-teen, and a teen mostly in the early 90. Lots of good culture there, but so much of it bubbled up from the weirdness that was the 80s.

Besides, I’m arguing that as a cultural historian! :wink:




My first thoughts too. How can it be absurd if it makes perfect sense to me? It’s Beach Boys vs Fat Boys, musically and visually. What were they supposed to do, split the difference and film in Nebraska?

And PS I’ll see your Disorderlies and raise you Krush Groove.

All you can eat!


True Faith is one of, if not THE greatest music video ever made.


Why do I still remember the verses of this rap? Of all the useless shit to have stayed in my head…


It rhymes.