No Parking (on the dance floor) -- Midnight Star, 1983



awesome. awesome video, too.

I see you and raise you

I could go all day with this stuff. I don’t even know it as well as the DJs that were of-age in that era, but I’ve definitely got a grip of these type of jams. to this day, the power jams of that time really put a grip on people and make them lose it on the dancefloor.

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This is one I love from the 80s. One of my roommates in the Army had the LP and played it constantly.

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Wait, that can’t be from 31 years ago! It’s not on grainy black and white film.

80’s fetish-core:

Let’s hope this one below isn’t about any sort of fetish…

I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do scat.


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fucking love Let It Whip. good work on that .gif! always be on the lookout for Rosie Perez and Fred Berry AKA Re-Run from What’s Happenin’ on Soul Train; they were regulars. not this time, though, although that one dude looked like he was part of Berry’s OG west coast lockin’ crew.

I was going to post this one the other day but didn’t want to hog the thread. now, however, I am buoyed by your and @Sparg_Otyebat’s participation

this song is a personal favorite, but I never saw the video until youtube; I was blown away by how good it is (for the time) and the budget it must have had. AFAIK, they’d only had one hit single prior to this (the excellent “Oh Sheila”) and yet they have vector graphics, CG (in 85!), a location shoot, and custom outfits.


link semi-related

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