Watch: Apparently the 1980s thought vigorous thrusting by John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis was a good thing


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02:20 - 02:40 Damn.

When the phone rings the 1980’s can have this back.


Ouch, my back hurts.



(Link is as nsfw as the video above, essentially a remake of it. The song will also get stuck in your head for approximately forever.)


It’s proto-twerking.


In our defense, it was during the Reagan administration, and we were all quite repressed. We didn’t have Pornhub back then.


Just watched Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” again, which came out the same year as this movie. Something to ponder…


Hey everyone! I’ve got a radical idea!

What if videos with music was timed so that the music was actually in sync with the video. I think that could be somewhat interesting.


You bet they did.
And how.


How did this Get Made covered this terrible movie. Hadn’t heard of it before!


you poor children. it’s hard to explain how both of them were considered quite sexy at the time, but it’s true.


are you sure it’s not pseudo-twerking?


Sorry, but the best way to appreciate that footage is in the context of this killer synth-wave tune:


I had no idea until about 6 months ago, that the pop video was directly lifted from somewhere. It seemed uniquely awful.


I had an even better idea. I stopped watching it after 2 seconds. Couldn’t stand the music. Must preserve brain cells.


I’m…I’m okay with this.


Lou Reed had a song on this film’s soundtrack (FWIW).


The aerobics craze was pretty weird but seemed fairly normal at the time. I wonder what the 2017 equivalent to this will be 30 years down the road.


Aerobics themselves may not have been weird, but the fact that there’s been a national championship that started, far as I can tell, in 83 and continues to this day is kinda weird. Yes, Key & Peele ripped the melody for their aerobics sketch, then I think from the Key & Peele sketch we got Da Tweekaz and their bundled stepmania version of it.


It was the biggliest decade ever. It was yuuuge.