Watch: Apparently the 1980s thought vigorous thrusting by John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis was a good thing

I’m pretty sure there’s a yogurt joke to be made here, but I… I just can’t.


(in Honest Trailers voice)

“Sooo much thrusting!
Sooo little contact!”

Knew what this had to be before clicking on it.


I thought it was the movie Offbeat from the still. Will have to watch it again to see if it was a terrible dance/aerobics bit too.

And now she pitches poop yogurt.

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If she still gyrated like she did in the video, maybe she wouldn’t need it.

But…but…Marilu Henner!

Anyhoo, it would have been ten times better if Travolta wasn’t wearing a saggy diaper.


Competitive stationary biking.

@Carla_Sinclair: Damned straight the 80’s happened, and it was all very weird at the time. Now it all looks surreal.

I want my two dollars!!

The thing about the 1980s is that stuff like this only happened on screen. I know of no one back then who dressed like this. Then again, I was in Iowa for most of the decade, with only a year in LA County.

Then again, I never was in a fitness studio, as jogging was my sport. And yes, running shorts were that short. All athletic shorts were.

Oh, you just jogged my memory - pun intended.

We had a p.e. instructor at our elementary school who had joined the jogging craze sweeping the nation in the early 70s. She was the first person I ever knew with a fitted, stylish track suit with stripes a la Charlie’s Angels.

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We had a music teacher who often wore a Hang Ten jogging suit to school. She may or may not have actually been a jogger.

The P.E. teacher used to make us line dance to “Hey Nineteen” and “Rock with You.” Following this experience, many years passed before I liked Steely Dan at all, although MJ’s Off the Wall grew on me a bit sooner.

(Both of these were 1980-81, several years before this movie came out, but maybe right after the source material appeared in Rolling Stone.)


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