TV ad for Tinder from the early 1980s


This is totally historically inaccurate. The World Wide Web didn’t exist as a term in the 80s! /s

She definitely should have dated Machiavelli instead.

It’s just a crummy ad for a web developer.

A 5.25" disk would have been more apropos for the early 80s.

Well I dug it. Tubular!

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It does say 1986 on it (which is in no way the “early” 80s.)

For sure. Let’s also not overlook the fact that they used a 3.5" floppy by Imation… a company which didn’t exist until 1996 (when it spun off from 3M).

Hey at least the video was 4:3… way too many people try to make 80s VHS videos that are widescreen.

They even used the type of interference caused by covert ‘military’ channels. I know because a TV guy told me in the 90s.

For some reason I think of all of the 80s as the early 80s.

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