Watch the ultimate 5-minute 1980s nostalgia video


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For the record, quite a few of the consumer items shown are back in fashion (cowl neck sweaters and Frye boots, I’m looking at you!). The 80s never left us, it just went into hibernation.


Maybe I was too young in the 80s, but I don’t remember that many orange people. Everyone in the cereal commercial looks a few shades shy of an umpa lumpa.


Ahhh, now I remembered the dreaded 80s Oompa Loompa porn… pass the mind bleach.


Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I thought that was amazing.


so many commercials that i had forgotten!


Thank you for the reminder that I spent entirely too much of my teen years watching TV.


NTSC = Never The Same Color


If my 1980s were what I saw on US corporate adverts, they might have looked something like this. This wasn’t what the 1980s looked like for most of the world.


Talking Heads kinda did this at the time, 1986.


As a young boy I though the L’oreal Studio Line yupsters were the coolest.

Between that and the LOOK/La Vie Claire team sometimes I wonder what (Dutch, born in 1872) Piet Mondrian would have though of his style becoming something of a French symbol of the 1980s.

Speaking of cool French 80s: dig that Bronski Beat soundtrack.


The only thing that brought me up short was the pickup truck for $6000.


If the fates decide that the Ford Tempo shall have another heyday, consider this post legal consent to turn me into soylent.


Nice pickup. Seems that vid left several lasting marks.



this 5 mins reminded me how AWESOME the 80s were, and how much the kids today live in suck-ville. no wonder everyone is pissed off and violent.

We need MTV to play music videos again! less reality tv and pissed-offed-ness, more videos, More John Cusak movies, more FUN.

oh, and big hair, shoulder pads, and lip gloss. :slight_smile:


You watch where you go slinging those terms, PAL.

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