Is 1984's "The Jordache Look" the most 80s commercial?


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“Is 1984’s “The Jordache Look” the most 80s commercial?”

Commercial? Damn son, that’s the most 80’s I’ve seen packed into one spot since Wrestlemania 3!


I’ll see your white kids dance with one Molly Ringwald:

And raise you a Swatch:


Speaking of the 1980s. here’s my absolute most favorite Elton John song. As I’ve gotten older it speaks to me. But it’s pretty 1980s.

Though I admit that it’s my only favorite Elton John song since I don’t actually like the rest of his work… Unless we count Biz Markie’s version of Bennie and the Jets.


Members Only. Checkmate.


Headline contains question mark. Five yards and repeat the down.


Classic pan-European ad for Ferrero Rocher there. And aching for a dance remix:


You’re gonna flip the board after this one:

Just to make sure this game ends, here’s a Bananarama video:


The Jordache Look is begging to be sampled for a retrowave track, and there are totally a few clean bars to do so from.


And for extra good measure:

[May his Royal Badness rest in peace.]


holy shit they all dance like Elaine Bennes.

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honestly, just type bubble yum or bublicious into youtube. there was one I remember with breakin’ clay animated fruit that had kind of a slammin beat to it but I couldn’t find it.

@gracchus and now one remembers how the entire damn country lost their minds over Luke and Laura. shit, 20 years later Ghostface put it in one of his rhymes.


I didn’t even click play and now it’s stuck in my head.


That Jordache commercial with Molly Ringwald is a bit fucked up.


Nothing screams 1980s more than those two words.


best 80s jeans commercial is fake commercial
apology for poor audio


both the cringe-inducing dialogue and the not-even-trying-to-hide-it bite:

Molly: end-of-movie Claire
First Guy: Brian
Second Guy: Andy
Girl: beginning-of-movie-Claire


I see your Jordache and raise you a Pioneer.




This commercial is the eighties-est space future:


Totes. Welcome to the 80’s. It was a weird time to be a teenager.