Elton John sure phoned in this Sasson jeans commercial

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Gotta pay the bills somehow.


Or imagine it as https://en.fundacionstarlight.org/ (is easy if you try)

Not truly a “hardcore Elton John fan” myself but ask them about the saga of the original vs. released version of “Holiday Inn,” or his truly awful “Visa Gold” commercial and “best of” CD available to Visa Gold cardholders only. Mr. Dwight’s entire career has been, let’s go with, um, “centered around pragmatic financial decisions.”


Sellout’s gotta sellout.

Gotta disagree. This rocks at least as hard as the original version.


Indeed. Rock is an artistic form. Pop is largely, but not always, a marketing concept.

What I saw, I can not unsee.

“Somebody said, ‘Have you ever seen Jaws 4?’ I said, ‘No. But I’ve seen the house it bought for my mum. It’s fantastic!’” – Michael Caine


Thanks so much for today’s ear worm! I haven’t thought about this since I saw the commercial as a kid and of course not being a particular fan of Elton John I didn’t realize until much later that this was based on an actual song. Anyhow it’s been playing in my head on a loop tape all morning.

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I would never have thought about this commercial in my life, but for some reason while reading this post I remembered this commercial from my childhood very clearly.

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