Is this 80-minute eighties supercut the most 80s thing ever?


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Correct link:


To be truly '80’s it should be in ASCII.






It’s not 80s nudity unless it’s actually just a scrambled picture of someone’s elbow,


*Not all '80s movies.


Holy. Fuck.

This shit is amazing.



Thanks for the post, we’re happy you guys liked it! As someone pointed out earlier, the correct link is if someone doesn’t mind fixing the link. Cheers!


Is this 80-minute eighties supercut the most 80s thing ever?

Is it available on Betamax?


The opening was tubular, but I couldn’t possibly endure 80 minutes.


Yeah this is better for something to have on the screen while drinking and making commentary with friends.


There is some very definitely well past the 1980’s Studio Ghibli animation in that.
nevermind… stupid default autoplay.


NITPICK! Spotted clips from The Rocketeer right as the HBO theme music hits the crescendo. That’s a 90s flick right there!


Yeah it’s actually '79-95, but I can understand how it’s easier to just say 80s since it revolves around that decade.


Such epicness. Every time I see this I feel a deep wave of nostalgia.


Point of order: “Total Recall” was a Nineties movie.


I’d say “supercuts” are the most 2010s thing ever…


Well, if “The 80s” means random bits of a country’s schlocky pop culture, then maybe. Funny how to a degree the internet has become a window to the pre-internet age.