A supercut of first and final frames from movies

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That was fun, and I’m surprised at how many I instantly recognized (although I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t recognize two of my favourite movies, Children of Men and Twelve Monkeys!):

Here’s what I spotted:

No Country for Old Men
Black Swan
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Silver Linings Playbook
There Will be Blood
Dr. Strangelove
2001: A Space Odyssey


i wish it would have listed the titles along with the frames. there’s so many movies i haven’t seen, or forgotten. that being said, i did recognize quite a few.


Many that I recognized but can’t put my finger on. In addition to your list I saw these:

Gone Girl
Fight Club
Godfather 2
Raging Bull
World According to Garp


Ugh… As an editor who makes pieces like this nothing can ruin your imagery faster than some text on screen.

Click thru to the video page and the description lists all the films used and time codes.


Video link for the BBS



as a designer, i understand the appeal of clean, uncluttered space, but being antagonistic to the viewer by leaving out crucial information isn’t going to help a piece get seen and appreciated, either.


But again, all one need do is click the link and see everything in the description. Are we as a society so lazy to not put forth a minimum of effort to expand one’s knowledge?

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I think I recognized Taxi Driver: starting with steam & ending with police lights.

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Beg to differ. Putting the titles in would spoil all the fun of guessing them. And they’re all listed on Vimeo with timings if you want to look them up.


The Tree of Life [00:00]
The Master [00:09]
Brokeback Mountain [00:15]
No Country for Old Men [00:23]
Her [00:27]
Blue Valentine [00:30]
Birdman [00:34]
Black Swan [00:41]
Gone Girl [00:47]
Kill Bill Vol. 2 [00:53]
Punch-Drunk Love [00:59]
Silver Linings Playbook [01:06]
Taxi Driver [01:11]
Shutter Island [01:20]
Children of Men [01:27]
We Need to Talk About Kevin [01:33]
Funny Games (2007) [01:41]
Fight Club [01:47]
12 Years a Slave [01:54]
There Will be Blood [01:59]
The Godfather Part II [02:05]
Shame [02:10]
Never Let Me Go [02:17]
The Road [02:21]
Hunger [02:27]
Raging Bull [02:31]
Cabaret [02:36]
Before Sunrise [02:42]
Nebraska [02:47]
Frank [02:54]
Cast Away [03:01]
Somewhere [03:06]
Melancholia [03:11]
Morvern Callar [03:18]
Take this Waltz [03:21]
Buried [03:25]
Lord of War [03:32]
Cape Fear [03:38]
12 Monkeys [03:45]
The World According to Garp [03:50]
Saving Private Ryan [03:57]
Poetry [04:02]
Solaris (1972) [04:05]
Dr. Strangelove [04:11]
The Astronaut Farmer [04:16]
The Piano [04:21]
Inception [04:26]
Boyhood [04:31]
Whiplash [04:37]
Cloud Atlas [04:43]
Under the Skin [04:47]
2001: A Space Odyssey [04:51]
Gravity [04:57]
The Searchers [05:03]
The Usual Suspects [05:23]


it’s not a matter of being lazy or not – it’s a matter of time and bandwidth. why would there be any reason to think there was any additional information located anywhere? this video was embedded in the Bb post, and plays fine there. the way media is shared and consumed these days, there is no reason to go to vimeo to see it, or to think it’s going to have any additional info. at the very least, maybe put some brief text at the beginning saying “for a complete list, go to [vimeo address]” or something. it’s not that big of a request.


Strange how you keep assigning blame on to the artist for not meeting your specific needs instead of engaging the piece as is and making the effort to learn more if you needed.

Doee not every video online have basic information on it? If the artist chooses to not use it thats fine but to assume there isn’t more info at the source seems like arrogance on your part.

Do you get mad at filmmakers for not having credits pop on screen every time a new character appears because you don’t have time or respect to the artist to stay thru the closing credits?

Please let me know what kind of designer you are so I can never use your services.

you call it assigning blame, i call it the creator not considering the viewer.

have you seen videos online before this? spoiler alert: no, they do not.

of course not. different thing entirely.

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In my experience (especially in the supercut genre) editors credit their sources more often than not. Fail on your part to even check before complaining about an artist not meeting your specific needs.

I fail to see how credits at the end of a film are any different than crediting the sources on an edit like this.

What you are asking is akin to going to an art museum and being pissed the painting doesn’t show a photograph of the original source, or detailed description of what brushes and technique used.

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I love this video just for the comparison of how each film handles connecting the start and finish of their stories. It kind of shows off that magic I can’t really understand in film other than my experiencing it.


I had this same conversation with my then-2-year-old when he pooped on the kitchen floor.


[Not weighing in on the topic either way. It just called to mind an incident.]

Brokeback Mountain was in there

I get where you’re coming from, but really, the piece’s intention didn’t strike me as a “spot the title” bit, more like a poetic journey through some lovely juxtaposed imagery. The ‘antagonism’ (strong word) felt more like a quite deliberate ‘tell’ for that: never mind what this is from, try and imagine what happens in-between, especially if you have no idea what movie it is from.

tldr I liked there being no titles.


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