Samba Vader

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Well, that’s 2:39 of my life I’ll never get back.


Huh, the samba drums at the beginning don’t really seem to line up with the Star Wars march very well, and then the later drum machine beats over it don’t really read as “samba” to me. But it’s got some dancing stormtroopers, so…


Rather “meh”. Mediocre down to 1980’s home video camera quality video and simply slapping some Samba rhythms over John Williams’ music does not really show a lot of creativity.

I stopped watching less than halfway through. Just not worth the time.


Awe I liked the music. But that image quality!

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This is bad.



  1. It’s the “Imperial March”, not “Darth Vader’s March”.

  2. “astounding” is not the word I would use.

  3. An “astounding” remix of the Imperial March would be this:

If you can’t listen to the whole thing, go to about 1:40ish


This video is not samba, but It was made in Brazil. It is a funk carioca, a local version of the Miami Bass genre, made by a duo of Rio de Janeiro designers back in 2000.

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Many of us remember Meco’s disco version of the Star Wars theme, but how many recall their version of Empire?

Also, for those who find themselves in 1977 again, avoid bargain-priced versions of the Star Wars soundtrack, or you may wind up with this, like we did:


My PE teacher had this for Gym like 2x out of the year. Best PE day ever.

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I remember this from the 90s

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Wasn’t the Empire supposed to be basically a Fascist regime, even with units called Stormtroopers? Can’t we celebrate the Rebel Alliance instead?


Now, THAT is more like it.

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We had the Meco edition of Star Wars on 8-track.

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I think they have a better PR department.

Now that, that, Fellow mutant, is mighty fine.

Even I feel like people have a lot of sand in their bikinis on this thread, and I’m basically Gargamel.

The video looks to be all found footage scraped from Youtube. This was a simple, not very good mashup with no new original material added, and I think Cory must have been a bit high to be so impressed by it.

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