The Trumperial March: Star Wars' Imperial March mashed up with Yakety Sax


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YS is a bit too strong in the mix; I tried to focus on the march, but failed. I’d like to be able foreground one or the other.



Trump, or trump not. There is no try.


Yeah, sad to say, it’s not a great mix. I dare say one might get a better result if a proper mashed-up arrangement was written and played by sax and orchestra, but I’m not a musical expert.


This should inspire them!


Did this many years ago:


So much win. Thank you, internet.


So… It’s every bit as bad as the thing that inspired it?

Sounds perfect then!


Well played Miros :slight_smile:


Pretty much a failure, as the Imperial March is completely buried under the sax music. It just sounds like Yakety Sax, with something unrecognizable playing in the distant background.


He also appears to be a mashup of orange and magenta?


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