Imperial March in major key


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Might as well replace it with Hixxy



Yeah, sounds somewhat like British marches of the early 20th century, somewhere in the range of Elgar to (maybe more to the point) Holst.


When I played it I imagined flying toasters.


Not this?


Ah, I remember that track from a Jimni Krikit mix session. I used to be a bigtime kandi kid in the noughties. Makes my teeth sore remembering all that, good times :wink:


Be all you can be, stormtroopers!


Actually, you’re not far off. John Williams cited Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 and Holst’s Mars: the Bringer of War as inspirations for the Imperial March. If Picasso was right that good artists copy and great artists steal, then transposing to G minor is a great fence :wink:


This whole discussion strikes me as being distinctly tone-deaf.



I was thinking something more like this:

Playing the Imperial March in the major mode mimics Holst’s band music rather better. (Mars and the Marche funèbre are both quite a bit darker than Williams’s original. Mars is barely tonal, what with all the tritone shifts.)


One of my favs!!


It was our discussion in the lounge to which I went back to get the link.


I do love transposing minor to major, major to minor. It is a quick way to get your friends to start throwing beer cans at you.


I like you :grinning:

Metaphorically speaking of course.


Depends… It sneaks in fairly regularly within a piece: pretty common way to vary a theme, bog standard for fugal subjects (as “mutation”).


Yeah, but when you play NiN’s Hurt in a major key, people get… Twitchy.

BTW, Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt is better than Reznors (one of the few times a cover is better than the original. The other that springs to mind is All Around the Watchtower)


NiN exists to be improved on. :wink:


Okay, I need to know…which cover?


I’ve never actually seen this movie, but I’ve heard the theme-- in a major key, of course