Please help me, I can't stop watching this Turn Down For What video

So many things to love about this video. So. Many. Things.

this music video will go down in history as one of the all-time greats, alongside “weapon of choice” and “sabotage”

I am not quite sure it’s at the level of those, but it’s… surprisingly close, for me.


For comparison!

Weapon of Choice (Fatboy Slim)

Sabotage (Beastie Boys)

That is a pretty awesome video. I’d compare it to Die Antwoord for weirdness. It being a Lil Jon video reminded me of this remix (nsfw language).

The Sabotage clip always reminds me of Funky Squad.

(The YT player’s static shot is misleading - it’s 4:3, mid-90s.)

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Love those two songs.

I’m typing this comment from the floor of my apartment as I wait for the ambulance to come fix my broken pelvis.


hilarious video, thanks for sharing.

This is the most bizarre thing i have ever seen

Man, I had forgotten about that one. Thank you.

The through-the-clotheslines costume change at the one minute mark is straight up looney tunes, yo.

I just love the overall core concept of this video, that any average normal regular person is about 30 seconds from becoming the freaknastiest dancer you’ve ever seen.

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On the subject of music as telekinetic mind-control:

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