Get ready to relax while watching this resin painting technique

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Gorgeous work, but almost criminal to not show the finished piece at the end of the video.


neat how he paints people into the fish (1:29, bottom vid), all to cover it up later

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I hope Fukahori and other similar artist are not suffering for their art: Resin fumes are dangerous to ones health.


Perhaps he can get a commission from that ice rink?

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I recall seeing this before on FB last year and the technique is really cool. You’d think that the fish were real objects encased in resin but they’re painted on. Would love to see one of his pieces in person.


Yeah, found a few more pictures showing more detail, it’s beautiful work

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This is some meta stuff. I couldnt relax, wtf was going on? wanted more of the slow process

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Man. I really love me some fish. I keep fish from the local river to admire them for a while before putting them back even.

Is there a place where one could purchase this guy’s fish art? (Or at least mull over how I’ll never afford it?)

ETA: Heh. Found some Chinese knockoffs:

Risks are mostly not the fumes, but potential risks depend on the kind of resin.

Most/Common used? * Resin fumes are in general not that harmful. (That of thinners can be).
For example polyester resin smells very pungent, so you really want to stay (instinctive) away and wear a mask, but in fact you need to be exposed for a very long time to have risks to develop something. (This in difference to lots of paints)

Epoxy Resin is risky to use. But it’s not the fumes. Somehow a lot of people who work with it (1:5 I just checked) develop a progressive contact allergy. So skin protection when using it and when it’s not hardened is very, very important.
Same with sanding it, respirator is “mandatory”, but not because of fumes.

And wearing such a thing, when sanding, is always a good advice. And better once too often than not.

*Not an expert on the matter, inform yourself. :wink:


Has anyone seen one of those up close? What do they look like? Is a fish a stack of paintings shaped like the slice of a fish, or does he paint the whole fish in a single layer? Or is it some combination of the two, where the body of the fish may be flat but upward-pointing fins have some 3D stacking.

If he’s actually sticking fish into resin, I’ll never forgive him. But he seems a nice guy, and I am sure he doesn’t.

Exactly like in Ponyo, why do you ask? [Plots a sea buckthorn adventure…]

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