Get some use out of your car's CD player - with a phone mount

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Do they make a mount that sticks into an 8-track tape player?

Asking for a friend.


Does it work with a CD player that has a Clash CD stuck in it…?


Just keep using it as a cup holder.


Thought you were bike friendly? Anyone thinks its a good idea to produce a gadget that encourages drivers to spend time looking at their phone rather than the road? Waiting for bb branded dashboard minibar.


Or just learn to live without reading every damn notification. If you find that hard then don’t make it easy to take your eyes off the road, put the thing in the boot before you kill someone.


No, but give me 15 minutes and my table saw and I have a Paul Anka 8 track that will fit the phone of your choice


Now if it actually played though the CD player…that would be neat trick.


My old portable CD player came with a gadget that let it connect to a cassette player. But tricking a magnetic pickup is probably a lot easier than fooling a laser.


They do have a good point that it’s silly every new car has cupholders but no cellphone holder.

I thought the same thing…at least charge the phone…just sayin’

Will this engage the motor and make the player think there’s actually a CD to take in? Because having that motor running all of the time seems like a bad idea.


Obvious answer: I use mine to play CDs. Oft times those CDs have several hundred MP3s on them and I swap them out every few weeks. My son has a 2009 Buick and the stupid thing has zero other audio inputs (no USB ports, no BlueTooth, no 3.5mm stereo adapter).


We will soon be seeing newfound appreciation for the old redbook CD standard, it will be sought out by purists for whom the “brutal uncompromising starkness of uncompressed digital” will be the new “warm”.
I for one am finally ahead of the curve on this one.


I promise I am a customer not an investor, but although Brodit mounts are expensive they are properly made to fit cars, they avoid interfering with any functions including the airbags, and they are rigid. Mind you, I had to import one of the ones I currently have installed. They are worth looking out for.
They also come in two parts which screw together - car mount and phone mount. This meant I was able to make a dedicated mount for one of my phones (out of 3mm marine ply and leather, for anyone who cares) and attach it to the Brodit base.

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