10 car mounts that give the CupPhone a run for its money

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I’m always curious when I see suction-cup mounts stuck to dashboards. I have never owned a car where that would work - the plastic or vinyl always has texturing that keeps a suction cup from making a seal. Also - in Los Angeles - suction cups don’t work on the windshield either, because no matter how hard you press the cup against the glass there’s still a tiny pocket of air trapped, and it expands when the car sits in the sun.

(They work OK during the winter, or if you never park in the sun, or if they don’t have to hold up any weight. As phone mounts, though? Nah.)

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If I travel, the odd time I’ll place my phone on the dash in some fashion to display Google Maps , but I never touch it when driving. Never.

At home I think it is even illegal to sip a coffee while driving. And when you see these much-hyped integrated in-car link systems with giant touch screen, can show movies and apps… oh boy.

The casualness of cellphones and distractions for drivers is appalling.

I wish these actually shared their dimensions. I’ve gone through so many holders that couldn’t handle the size of my phone upgrades, and none of the ones I clicked through shared their capacity. :-/

I had seen lots of car mounts in myjunk cars yards and it is always not mounted on the windscreens but in the AC outlets

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