iOttie dashboard mount phone holder


This —> iMagnet

I have two. I don’t think in two years that I’ve ever had one fall. I live in Florida where the instense sun and heat usually drops all of the weaker suction cups.

I feel like I must try that. I have so many of these fail I can’t imagine how anyone supports an iPad with one. I used to prepare in hard turns for the phone to break loose and tumble at me.

Please don’t use your phone whilst driving. Just don’t. For all the vulnerable road users that you might run down whilst looking at your phone. Please don’t do it. Turn it off. Please.

I had one of these a couple years ago. It worked very well for a few months until winter hit… I’m not sure if the cold did it in or if that was coincidence, but it refused to stay stuck after that. Kept falling off, no amount of cleaning or re-positioning helped. I really wanted it to work but didn’t have nearly as much luck as most reviewers seemed to. For the $16 or so it cost it was worth the gamble, but I came up a loser on it.
As for ‘stop using your phone while driving!’ I though the purpose of these was to let you use the navigation on your phone without trying to awkwardly juggle it in your cup holder. Helped a ton with that while it worked! No different than having a TomTom or Garmin mounted.


Then you could say the same about any car navi or audio playback system which sometimes requires a glance or touch.

Except Waze is far better than TomTom or Garmin :smile:

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