Yes, I like that $5 generic phone mount I mentioned earlier


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STOP looking at screens when driving, everyone.


It’s no different than checking a mirror or [insert anything that isn’t “the road in front of you”].

Now if you’ll excuse me, the light turned green.


Perhaps the circle is magnetized?

The circular side allows your thumb to get between the phone and the holder when it comes time to pop the phone back out. I picked up a pair of these, shipped China Post, for less than $4 from a Chinese shopping site. They’re great.

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It’s not just for texting and cat videos, you know. A well-placed smartphone can be (at least) a decent turn-by-turn GPS and a poor man’s hands-free speakerphone. Not bad for $5 extra.


Well, I still don’t think drivers should be using turn-by-turn navigation devices, either. Learn your route in advance or pull over to check your maps.

Easy for you to say, Mr. Obviously Not Useless at Wayfinding. Some of us are very glad we live in a sci-fi future where AWESOME SPACE ROBOTS IN THE SKY can help us find the way.


Can I look at the speedometer?


If your alternatives are practical, please explain the popularity of turn-by-turn navigation devices.


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Tools for warm places. If I used one of those during a Minnesota winter, I’d bake my phone. This also applies to suction mounts that attach on top of the dash–when cranking defrost onto the windshield, you can cause a phone to shut down for temperature reasons.

On the good side, attaching to the air vent while A/C is running enhances the cooling of your device. :smile:

Do they make a mount that goes in the CD slot? That way I don’t have to block the vents while making use of something I never use anymore.


No. If you want to know your speed, memorize the spacing of all the utility poles on the route you’re driving ahead of time, and calculate your velocity at any moment by counting “one mississippi, two mississippi” between them.


You could stick one on a CD and then stick the CD into the slot.

It’s warm where I am now, how well would this one work in winter, with it docking on the vent? I have a windshield mount that broke last summer in the heat. The mount wasn’t very good (or it was too hot in the car) and it fell off and cracked the grip that locked the pone case in. I’m a little concerned that heat might warp the mount points. I like the design.

Because it’s so much better to be whizzing along at 75 mph holding a battered unfolded map over the windshield?


Including the windscreen?

Anyway, I thought the title was “$5 genetic phone mount”!

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I use a ‘eyeglasses’ analogy. For me driving with a GPS is like driving with my eyeglasses. Obviously best of all would be to restrict driving to people with near perfect vision, and indeed airplane pilots, especially military pilots, are held to a higher vision requirement than people who drive cars. But that restriction isn’t practical for cars (at least not in the USA) and if people like me are going to be driving anyway, we’re all much safer if people who need them use appropriate aids. Likewise with navigation devices.

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