Head-up display projects phone information to windshield


Arstechnica had a look some time back. As best I could tell (unshockingly ‘fuzzyfuzzyfungus’ in the comments section there is me, how many fungi have internet access?) it’s a neat concept that Garmin manages to inject baffling, insulting failures and misfeatures into at every opportunity.

Absolutely Zero, Zilch, Nada without a connected smartphone (and Garmin’s own navigation app, sold separately, not cheap, and not particularly distinguished from the ones now given away). In a day and age where MEMs magetometers are practically being given away in cereal boxes because they cost less than the cereal they displace, that just seems insulting.


I would say that a decent mount might be a better solution.

I’ve been using the $25 vent mounted Kenu and I have been thrilled.

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Great idea, but i am not sure about this implementation. Hopefully there will be enough early adopters that other manufacturers will get involved.

Or for $2 you could try the aSmart HUD NAVI app from the app store… I have no experience with it, but if a HUD is something you want to try, this is probably the cheapest way to get it.

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We gotta stick together.

I’ve been waiting for someone to reflect a HUD off the inside of the dashboard. Having enough brightness for daylight visibility under moderately adverse conditions, and having it smart enough to modulate that to maintain contract without becoming blinding, is the hardest part.

Yeah, a wearable HUD might be a reasonable alternative, but coming up with one that doesn’t block peripheral vision and that’s really comfortable enough to drive with seems like it could be a challenge.

My solution was to mount the GPS in front of the tachometer, so it becomes part of the instrument cluster. (Who needs a tach in an automatic? For that matter, who needs a tach in a manual after you’ve learned the sound of the shift points?)

Given the sophisticated mechanisms that slime molds have for enforcing pro-social behavior, we really do, lest we end up being punished by the cell mass. Something that doesn’t even have a brain punishes free riders, and you foolish hominids bail out AIG…

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I used to use my wife’s iphone to watch old Star Trek episodes projected on to the windshield while driving along long boring roads. Pretty much the same thing, eh?

I never did like the mirror universe episodes.


They don’t make car mounts for iPhones?

Instead, with this, you get to look at the heads up display on the bottom of your seat where it slid after you rounded that sharp turn.

You pick up your phone and look at it while you drive!? WTF!? When you’re in charge of a lethal weapon (drivers kill 30,000 plus people EACH year in the US alone, and seriously injure and permanently maim many, many times more ) pay attention please. Put the f&^%ing thing down before you murder someone. Seriously.


How can you even approve of his driving? You’re not a driver, are you? Drivers kill people without even looking at their phones! Sometimes they’re just tuning the radio! Sometimes they commit their murders without ANY DISTRACTIONS AT ALL!!! NO ONE should be behind the wheel of a weapon unless it’s an EMERGENCY! And even then, there should be some kind of shaming!


I did this in my car too! :slight_smile: Did you use NetFlix? Did you data charges suddenly skyrocket? Hahah… Works great on the inside dash of a Prius. It always reminded me of the arcade game “Time Traveler” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fooFhfVUEI4

You, clearly, have never been stuck on the 405 for two hours while trying to get home.

I must admit that there are some roads, and some times, when “driving” is not exactly the right word.

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I can buy a basic ‘stick to the dash and hold the phone upright’ dashboard phone holder on Ebay from Hong Kong for less than $4.

Sure, it’s not a HUD, but it’s also $4. Free shipping http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Car-Dash-Mount-Holder-for-GPS-Smartphone-Mobile-Phone-/180917200332?pt=AU_MobilePhoneAccessories&hash=item2a1f8165cc

The one I bought has an expandable bracket and actually holds the phone up so I don’t have to move my eyes from the road much at all, but $150 for something just because it’s sexy? Not this week.

You make your point in jest, but the general public would never be allowed to drive cars if they were invented now. I envisage a time in the not too distant future where they are disallowed once self-driving cars are sufficiently well established.

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Mark, I’ve had great luck with these guys’ stuff: http://www.proclipusa.com/ . It’s a two part solution, a clip that attaches to your specific car, and a holder for your specific device. It puts your phone on your dashboard, and makes navigation very easy.

Check 'em out.

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Right on dude!!!

(I was going to type a longer response, but some asshat cut me off and I almost missed my exit.)