Great deal on air vent magnetic car mount holder

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I don’t get magnetic mounts. How can magnets be “good” for the innards of a smart phone?


There’s no hard disk, what else would a magnet damage?

They wreck havoc with the compass. GPS-Navigation works “mostly” fine w/out those, but I’ve noticed that even when I removed my iPhone from the holder the compass wouldn’t work properly for quite some time.

And thats with removing the metal case or sticker needed to attach it to the holder.

Was the main reason I dropped my case and magnetic holder and just use the phone as it, slight scratches be damned.

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I had a magnetic lens mount/ring for my phone, couldn’t use it as it goofed up the OIS coils around the lens. So that ain’t cool.

Also, what are the laws where you live that you can interact with your phone while driving? My phone rings, I can’t touch it. As best I can touch the button on my Bluetooth earwig , anything more nets huge fine and demerits.

All these smart dashboards and Ford Sync crap… how about just you, a steering wheel and the road, no distractions.

I know how MAGNETS work; I was just concerned that magnets in close proximity to computer equipment is usually a bad idea. And a few other commenters concur.

Are you sure?

You had a great question and something I would like to more about too. Just playing around, have a great weekend!

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I simply use voice control and also do not use the phone while driving, except saying that I’m driving and will call back. For complicated stuff, I make a point to tell my kid that I’m stopping the car because driving a car is a big responsibility and that I can’t do that while distracted. As a nice side effect, he knows that I will take his sensible complaints serious and will stop the car when he asks for it. Which cuts down on the whining.

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