Magnetic air vent cell phone car mount, 2 for $6

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So I guess magnets don’t hurt solid state memory like in phones an SD chips?

I use these, they are the best way I have found to clip my phone to a vent. Super useful for navigation or something like that.

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CFs [Compact Flash drives] aren’t magnetic media, so they can’t be erased like, say, a floppy disk or a hard drive. However, depending on the strength of the magnetic field, a CF isn’t completely safe.


Hasn’t appeared to cause any problem on mine (I don’t use this specific mount, but a similar one).

One thing it can do is mess with the compass a bit. Google Maps occasionally has some minor glitches, and other apps that use the compass like Sky Maps, Pokemon Go, etc, have also had some problems. Waving the phone around to recalibrate the compass (either with the three-axis method or the figure-8) usually works to clear up those problems until the next time I use the mount, but it’s definitely a possible issue.

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I think they’d interfere with my cheaters…

I like them too, though personally I prefer the ones that can swivel. I use a leather wallet case. A back shell clips around the case and has a built-in magnet to hold it to the leather which has a metal plate sewn into it. I just take the phone in it’s shell out of the wallet case and plop it right on the vent mount.

I have one of these. It works pretty well but it will fall off if I’m on a rough road or if the heater has been on and the rubber gets soft.

So hypothetically, if I was going to try to protect my “special art collection”* from an EMP, backing up on SD cards might be a viable option?

  • A boat load of porn.

As far as I understand it, EMPs are more electro- than they are -magnetic. And hard drives are insanely well shielded against magnetic fields.

The SSD/SD card would fry before the HDD would. But you’d have to replace the controller circuitry on the hard drive.

I know very little about this but it’s something that interests me given recent issues w/ NK (ex: what happens if someone detonated a nuke in the port of Oakland - beyond the obvious issues associated with a large explosion?)

Would having a backup not plugged in help? (ex: having a HD or SD in a desk drawer? A safe deposit box?)

Safe deposit box? What the hell kind of porn are you collecting?

I was kidding around. It’d be a backup of my laptop. (So my music collection, all my documents, etc - basically my digital life)

I’d personally trust Amazon S3 Glacier Storage over an ssd in a bank vault.

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