Magnetic phone mount for cars

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I have this one. A friend who didn’t want hers gave it to me when the dashtop one I had wouldn’t work with my new car. I have a wallet style phone cover, so it’s not idiot-proof - the magnetic card sits in one of the credit card slots and doesn’t always “catch.” Still, it’s been a workhorse through two phones and stays put - unlike the dashtop one I used to have!

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My phone seems too heavy for this style… (6s+ with a case)

I have used a 6splus with case with this style. The magnets are quite strong. Not a problem.

The main concern is breaking the fragile louvers because the magnets are so strong.

I keep one in my carry on so it is always around when I rent a car.


I had used this on my 1999 Ford Mustang’s vent. It worked awesomely for a while. But due to how old the car is, the plastic vents had become brittle and would start to break off.

I ended up changing things slightly. I got a new magnetic phone holder mount from Amazon. You stick one end to a flat surface on your car. It has a 3M sticky glue. The other end swivels, and has a magnetic mount. I use 2. One is attached to the right of the steering wheel. The other is on the AC/Heater dials above the MP3 player. I still use the Spigen brand magnetic plates. That also uses a 3M sticky glue, that you peel off, and then affix to your phone. I have an iphone 12 Pro with a UAG case. I have the Spigen plate glued to the outsdie of the case. I had tried putting the plate on the phone, with the case over it. But that doesn’t work for securuly attaching the phone to the magnet with that setup.

I’ve had problems with this sort of mount when using a big phone with a somewhat thick case, with the metal plate inside the case. Under those circumstances the magnets’ grip is too weak and the phone soon slides off.
I prefer a bigger mount with 6 magnets. I have been using this one on a permanent basis and have had no problems with it:

Good advice! I’ve been using one of these for years and it’s super useful and convenient.

I am going to upgrade my iPhone 7 to the new 13.
The 13 has magnetic charging.
I wonder if this system will work or damage it?

I prefer the ones with adjustable tension rather than just friction. There’s a butterfly bolt in the back that lets you clamp as hard or easy to the vent.

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