Rock solid car mount - will not budge, droop, or wobble

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I had this exact one, but the suction cup doesn’t do very well in heat or sun - even up here in the Pacific Northwest US. It deforms really easily, and can’t hold up even light phones. You should be fine in colder climes. Or maybe ones that are more humid? Also, when I removed the pad, it left behind all sorts of nasty foam residue that was an absolute pain to get rid of. (Thanks Goo-Gone!)

The gripper is super useful though, and I’ve since modified an old camera tripod with the gripper to hold smartphones steady for simple Panorama or Photosphere shots.

I’ve since bought 2 of this one for “Samsung” phones (none of the devices I use with it are Samsung), and it does the job perfectly.

I’d love something like this but with built-in wireless Qi compatible charging.

I still think the CD slot mount that holds the phone on by a magnet (no wings!) such as the InfinitiApps Slyde is a cleaner design. Unless you still use CD’s…

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This mount from iOttie uses the same sticky surface suction cup, and has more articulation. And best of all is the how easily you can mount and remove your phone. Just press the phone into the mount. This depresses a small button which caused the spring-loaded arms to clamp around the phone. Depress the two side buttons, and the arms retract. I’ve had this since 2012, and it’s still working perfectly. It’s gotten nearly 10,000 ratings on Amazon, with 72% giving it a 5-star rating.

Isn’t is much smarter during the summer months to use something that’s mounted or attached in front of your air vent to keep the device cooler and also a bit more out of the direct sunlight just under the windshield?

Every time I stick a smartphone on the dash it gets hot as hell and functions slower. Does great in front of the air vent, however.

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I got this $2 air vent mount after reading the previous review. Works great for my Nexus 4. Took a month to arrive but with free shipping I really can’t complain.

It looks nice, but I would recommend the ones made by Panavise. Those require some work to install, but they are pretty much unbreakable.

+1 for the iOttie. A friend has one mounted on his boat, out in salt air, often stored uncovered in the sun and salty elements, and the thing hasn’t budged in a year. I have both the iPhone and iPad versions in my car, stuck to a textured dashboard, and neither has budged. I’m not crazy about the phone holder part of it, but as you say it works well enough.

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