Get the Kindle edition of Frank Herbert's classic novel Dune at a bargain price

The first one is far and away the best of the series. Books two and three are okay, but no tour de force. After that it’s downhill and quickly.


A lot of the later novels veer into pure commentary or critique of the Tyrant, which can be a bit… dense.

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Or when the main character transforms into a worm. Except I suppose that’s merely stupid rather than stupid and offensive.

Was hoping someone would post a competent audio version. Thank you.

Good heavens!:

3,348 customer reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

a four part cartoon series for those who are too dumb to read.


This or these analyses are really well done, and thank you for posting.

I have lost count of the number of times I have bought and gifted paperback versions of Dune (just the first book, and IMO the best of the lot). Hmm. I am also rapidly losing count of the number of paperback copies of Anathem I have been giving away too, come to think of it.

Much has been made of the influences/borrowings/wholesale-um-recycling that Frank Herbert brings into this work. My thanks to bOINGbOING for this:

and for tracking these:

I believed Dune was really a book for our times back when I read it in the 1980s and… dangit… just our luck the novel is evermore relevant today what with charismatic so-called leaders and climate change and overwhelming need to do massive ecological restoration on our home planet.

Btw the glossary of the novel is laced with loan-words and influences from Persian/Farsi and Arabic, which I found interesting when I first realized it, noting just how widely Herbert had spread his bets. I felt I had glimpsed some of the man’s carefully crafted (ok ok steal-from-all-corners-of-the-globe) framework for the first time–something Extra Sci Fi doesn’t go into in their four well done vids here.

Persian is an Indo-European branch language:

and Arabic is not (it is an Afro-Asiatic language):

Nice diagram and overview:

Thanks again.

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National Lampoon’s ‘Doon’ is a pretty good laugh-along cliff notes as well.

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