Get the most out of Photoshop with this $12 master class

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At this point it looks like many stores including Boing Boing Store / Stack Social are engaging in something close to straight up fraud when it comes to claims of discounts. The $12 Boing Boing Store price is for a 4 hour course that is not 94% off the full retail price as far as I can find.

The Udemy 7.5 hour version of the course (which may be more recently updated than BBS’s version) is $19.99. So the real discount is 40% off, or 76% off if you want to reference the questionable Udemy claim of discounted pricing being marked down from 49.99. But it doesn’t appear to be 94% off of any real price. I can’t find a $200 price for this course anywhere. It seems to be entirely fictional.


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