Get this highly-rated cordless drill at a steep discount

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If you care at all about tools I’d totally spend more and get a better drill from a better brand.

“highly rated” from a whopping 16 reviews :confused:

Me thinks this is a sponsored post. Cough

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I’d never even heard of “Tacklife” until a recent add/review here.

Isn’t it more likely that it’s just a brand, buying from a pool that other brands buy from? So by that, it can’t be exceptional?

Lots has been said about Harbipor Freight tools. But I can go to the big hardware chain here, Canadian Tire, and buy stuff that looks the same. Nominal better stuff, the prices are higher, but they frequently go on sale, deep discount, suggesting a more realistic price.

That “rotary tool” here recently, that looks identical, right to the accessories, tgst I paid ten dollars for a decade ago, on sale, at Canadian Tire. It did carry the brand they use for the lower cost line. There’s a cheap digital calipre, I got it cheap too at Can Tire, but it seems identical, right down to the case and tge button cells that run down too fast. Though it carries Canadian Tires brand that denotes “better quality”.

If that happens here, it can happen elsewhere. If a chain buys enough, the cost of putting a different badge on the device isn’t significant. My “Dremel tool” is from Sears, with correct badge, but nobody seemed to pretend that it wasn’t a real Dremel tool.

These may be fine, these may be junk, but they may be available in all kinds of places, making the “Tacklife” brand unimportant, and not really an indicator of “good”.

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The price is nice and low…but it looks like a garbage tool.

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Identical seeming low end Chinese products like this seem to frequently be sold under different branding, but it’s unclear to me the degree to which they come from the same factory or from different factories all copying each other, and each using varying quality parts and QA. The Tacklife Amazon product page photos/info graphics follow what seems to be a de facto style the style guide for direct from China products. It would be instructive to see an AvE breakdown of this drill.

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Or for those in the UK, you could try this:

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