Get thousands of hand-drawn icons from the Noun Project


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“Hand-drawn”? Do they qualify as artisanal?


I came to this thread looking for the word “artisanal” and I was not disappointed. :thumbsup:


No sir, they go as far as to be bespoke!


… and curated to boot.


how much would you expect to pay for this priceless treasury of the world’s best-loved free icons? - $999? - $99? - if you’re one of the first 100 callers all this can be yours, the hundreds of thousands of free icons, the special unnecessary software, and so much more, for the low, low boingboing price of $(whatever it was) - but wait, there’s more - if you order before midnight tonight, we’ll give you this amazing banana slicer/case absolutely free, and if you decide to return the free icons, keep the banana slicer/case as our thanks to you - operators are standing by


Are they fair trade?


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