Get over a million royalty-free vector images for less than $40

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What is our vector, Victor?

A deal so good it could only be Stack Social:

  • 99% Off
  • Lifetime Subscription
  • All Sales Final
  • Web domain for the company selling this “$5,000” product first registered three weeks ago on October 30th

All the signs of the best possible quality.

They don’t specify whose lifetime. I’m going to bet that it’s not the purchaser’s.

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I should add that I find the ad copy kind of baffling.

That’s right, the supposed solution to stale and/or lazily-made icons is to buy them in bulk, 1.2 million at a time for $39. Because all the most artistic and carefully made stock art and icons are sold for 0.00325 cents each. Paying 0.01 cents each for stock art is for suckers!

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