Get unlimited access to over 2,000 hours of learning - now 93% off

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Can you guys just come up with a way that I can buy the 2,000 hours, but not use it for learning, just add it to my “spare time” bank? I promise I’ll use at least 25% right here on the BBS!


Protip: 2000 hours of spare time comes bundled with the quadcopter/10000 mAh battery combo.


93% off? More like 98%. The “original price” of the unlimited subscription bundle over at Stone River Academy is $6,016. Er, but it is currently $289, but SRA seems a little unclear on the some concepts:

Er, so their regular offer is that you can get “lifetime” access for $29 a month or $289 a year?

Well, at least the BB/Stack Commerce offer is a bit more clear, and cheaper…

So… is there a course to actually learn flappy bird? :no_mouth:

Looks like a great deal but when I see deals like this. i see lifetime = We plan to shut out doors in 90 days so we need to get a bit of cash before we close the servers.

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