Get your kids Walmart's Israeli Soldier Costume for the classiest Halloween ever

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I think this is probably made as a costume for Purim not Halloween.


I can’t really imagine wanting an armed forces costume(at least not one of the generally banal and functional real-world ones; I’d definitely consider a T-45d; T-51b, or Advanced Mk. II, if I were going to put that much effort into it); but even a fairly controversial nation-state’s uniform seems…pretty tepid…by the standards of ‘classiest halloween ever’.

Compared to classics like ‘ghetto’, ‘pimps and hoes’, and ‘big chief wampum’, it just doesn’t shock and outrage nearly as hard as it might.

Now, if you really want to do ‘Israeli Soldier’ with class, you’ll have to do some hunting for an authentic esprit-de-corps-in-dubious-taste Shaked Battallion marksman’s T-shirt:


Thanks for mentioning that…(Google…Google…)

Now here’s a Purim costume I could like. Looks kind of Sci-fi, but it’s a cookie! (Though I prefer poppy-seed Hamantaschen, myself.)

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“War toys” for kids are generally frowned upon where I live.

Realistic war toys even more so.

Realistic military uniforms of a state currently engaged in warfare (doesn’t really matter what side you’re on): Absolutely impossible.
Any reasonably bright ten-year-old in Austria will happily explain to you why that kind of costume is not appropriate.

This shouldn’t be about whether you approve of Israeli politics, about whether it’s insulting to the victims of unjust violence or whether it honors the brave defenders of Israel.
It’s enough that it instills more militarist madness in young people’s minds, in a country that is IMHO already stuck far too deep in a militarist world view.


“Walmart is promoting occupation and the killing of innocent children this Halloween,” tweeted author Max Blumenthal, along with a photo of a child receiving emergency medical care.…

The winner of yesterday’s Hyperbolic Outrage Award! To enter, just find an example of something thoughtless or insensitive, and inflate it into mass-murder. Bonus points if you can compare it to slavery and/or the Holocaust!


That…does not look like a hamentaschen to me…

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Oh…not a cookie? :crying_cat_face:

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Admittedly, my male mind went straight to another, similarly shaped part. Perhaps the album cover for one of my favorite albums will illustrate my point (and may I recommend “Ballad in Urgency”?):

EDIT WITH SPARKLES: I believe the above was cropped from this original:


Yeah, that does look wrong in two or three different ways…

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He’s referring to IDF killings of Palestinians.



In this case, I see that. I was thinking more of the general case. Here in the States those are our favorite metaphors; comparing Obama to the IDF wouldn’t resonate as well.

Thanks for the explanation. So Blumenthal isn’t being hyperbolic then? Still not sure what you were getting at…

[Emphasis mine]
That absolutely strikes me as hyperbolic. Wal-Mart is no more promoting occupation or killing of innocent children than it is promoting the slaughter of animals by selling kitchen knives. Now if the costume had a patch notating “kiddie kills”, or something like @fuzzyfungus’ t-shirt above, I think we’d have a much different situation.

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I think there’s a very fine line between promoting and normalizing. In this case, that line is so fine that I can’t actually see it.

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Do you know what’s happening over there? I also think you might be ignorant of exactly how much Wal-Mart panders to people’s Christianity, and in this a case, a particular apocalyptic vision. The Christian Right’s unhealthy obsession with Israel is well documented.


Is it common in warfare for this level of dehumanisation? And I don’t mean the dehumanisation of the Palestinians by the Israelis, I mean the self-dehumanisation of those wearing these shirts.

Do all soldiers routinely boast about this kind of stuff? I mean, when they find themselves in a war in which they are killing kids and pregnant women. Am I being really naive? Does this happen in every war?

I’m thinking about Iraq and Vietnam, so I guess it kinda does.

Perhaps Arthur C Clarke was right and the military should be a completely separate society. If you want to give your life to the Military, that’s cool and all, and probably you should get the best of everything in return. Healthcare, housing, education, commodities. The VERY BEST. I mean it.

Just, maybe not access back into society.



I hate to ask for an explanation because my reply is usually “use google ya jaykayass”…but how do you mean? Normalizing military uniforms for children and their play? If anything, I think I’d object more to the gun that’s included with the outfit.