Getting better YouTube transcripts

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Haven’t had chance to test this out yet, but if it is a way to get to the nub of all those TL:DW videos where the single nugget of information you wanted from them was embedded somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters the way through, I’ll be bookmarking it.


For my wiki, I’ve wanted to use the transcripts for key word tagging. (It’s very time-consuming to listen to the videos and do it by hand.)

Google does have an API to get at them, but they have many hoops to jump through first.

  • Sign up as a Google developer. ($20)
  • Set up your application with Google and get authentication keys. (A pain.)
  • Then in the app, a series of handshakes just to make the request.

It’s too bad that they don’t make as easy as, you know, watching the video.

I notice that the website doesn’t give you the option of which transcript when there’s more than one, but I don’t know if that would be a problem.

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