Getting Over It with this plushie

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Why are new posts no longer showing up on ?

RSS switched over to snippet view too. I started a thread on the latter. I wonder if this is related.

On that matter, I’m gonna do it: @jlw, halp!

What I want to know is why is BoingBoing so keen that I learn to play a musical instrument?

This is the third post which shows up in the BBS for me as a link to a plug for something called pianu pro. No, that’s not a typo apparently.


OK, posts are now showing up on /blog so that’s good.

But I’m still seeing the messed-up graphics that first appeared yesterday: My favorite ice cream scoop

Actually I take that back. For some reason I can only view the blog when clicking the link in my earlier comment. Manually inputting the URL doesn’t work. WTF? HALP.

They’ve fixed it too hard again. It’ll be okay in a few days, and soon we’ll stop complaining about the new layout :wink:

Fun. Diogenes needs a little plusher arms considering his near-abilities to climb Protean Greece …with giant dental teeth…otherwise.


I can’t tell if I hate myself enough to want to play this game :wink:

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