Giant artwork of buildings having sex too graphic for outside Louvre, going to Pompidou instead


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No Sex Please: We’re…French?

ETA: For those who aren’t getting it, there was this British film, part of the Carry On continuum called No Sex Please: We’re British.
It’s just jokes guys. Jokey, jokey, jokey.


I guess minecraft porn was just a step too far


Perfect for someone that likes to fap to Minecraft.


More a case of what’s appropriate. The Pompidoleum is for modern art.


Agreed. This is ideal for the area around the Pompidou, but totally unsuited to the formality of the Louvre/Jardin, irrespective of whether it’s ‘graphic’.


I’d rather say At-at porn…


Doing it abode style?


The Louvre was also reportedly concerned that in the Tuileries Gardens the sculpture would be too close to a children’s playground.

So the kids were in danger of… telling dirty jokes? Have you ever known a child who would look at that red building and die of shock? Show of hands?




Surely it’s more the nice mummies who walk their children in the Tuileries who might not want to have to answer awkward questions. The not so nice mummies, however…
“Qu’est ce que ces meubles faisaient, maman?”
“Eh bien, ma petite, quand un mari meuble aime sa femme meuble beaucoup…”


To be fair; it translates as: Fist! International Contemporary Art Fair.


It was just likely to make a parent have to confront that conversation a little early with petite Francois about where sheds come from…

Now as to why the little ones are watching in that photo, well, I guess it’s a French thing?


This makes sense and is an appropriate decision. They’re not banning it, just making a choice as to where to diaplay it. The Pompidou museum is a perfect choice.


They’re not saying no sex, they’re saying it’s better suited at the Pompidou, and they are correct. This is a non story.


“There is a time and a place for architectural erections.”


Isn’t everything that people see “graphic”? Is anything we see truly more or less graphic than anything else?


HAH! It’s like 14 year old me grew up to be 15 year old me and was a famous artist!


And that’s where tiny houses come from.


City come a-wankin’.