Giant Ron English art-book: Status Factory


Aww… I used to live in a co-op where he had painted murals on one of the fences. Looks like the fence is gone now; it ran along the left side of the front yard.

I think Ron English had either lived there, or dated someone who did. In one of the kitchen drawers, there was a photo of him atop a billboard on which he’d painted Santa.

A couple of years later I was home for the summer and read an article in the local paper about an artist named Shawn Eichman. The article went on about her radical politics (Maoist IIRC), but little if anything about her actual work, or where or what she had exhibited, etc. Ultimately, not much of an article. I wondered what the hell that was all about, until a few months later when this article showed up in The Realist, with Ron English thrown in.

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Re: the Simpsons Link, and not Ron English, but this book inspired my proudest moments in college.

You’ve forgotten one of the most iconic series of Ron English: Guernica. Here an example: Snoopy vs The Simpsons Guernica.

The Mickey Mouse boob covers that “Marilyn” is wearing looks like they could actually be a thing.

If Mickey breasts are ok on the homepage…

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