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Curmudgeon Cat reminds the Mgmt that one is supposed to post .gifs
meowford brimely


angry cat cut it out already


How does a

deal with it

gif sound? :wink:


Sorry, was just pulling your leg…
Gibbon troll

Edit: useful as a troll post indicator


Continuing the discussion from Harvard Business School: Talented assholes are more trouble than they're worth:

you bug me lady shaking head sneer necklace green sweater vintage color(ized) film


ice skater pulled by chain saw poops rainbow

(@Mindysan33 forced me!)


Am I the only one? That gif scares the shit out of me.

He’s only got to hit a bump on the ice to slow the skates down, and then he’s face-first into a chainsaw.

Waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute…this is that “Growing Old” thing they were telling me about, right?


Yep that would be it. It could be a modified chain with no sharp bits on it though but then the sort of person that would think ‘chainsaw drive ice skating’ is also probably saying ‘hold my beer and watch this’ too.


Because a chainsaw-with-no-sharp-bits-on-the-end-yet-still-rotating-those-bits-rapidly-around is not AS damaging?


Well less likely to cause damage? As well as less likely to jump up on you as nothing to catch and kick. shrug It still is a dumb thing to do.


Couldn’t the chainsaw have a dead man switch?


Is that for melee attacks?


the original gif papasan posted is even creepier as the chain saw is the central motif, not the happy rainbow poop


sparkle glitter i don't care idk badge wallet id card x-files gillian anderson


HAP PY! happy gloves creepy smile confetti brown bow hat just out of frame




Best be moving these to the correct thread, lest you experience the wrath of @OtherMichael.